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Since yesterday was so much fun I am back again with installment two of “Shoot that term in the head.” Today’s victim is “this is a critical time.”

This unfortunate group of words is often employed by managers who are trying to impart a sense of urgency to their troops. Alas, it rarely works because it is too vague and overused.

Business is an urgent affair and if you hope to do anything remarkable your organization better understand that there are only “critical” times (at least if you are running something other than a lifestyle business – not that there’s anything wrong with that). While I understand that all businesses have periods and cycles in the year that matter it is during the off-cycles that winners take action to win. The lollygaggers who don’t get this lose. As a manager, if you hire someone who does not get when “crunch time” is then the egg is rightly on your face

By saying to your employees “this is a critical time for us” you are doing one or more of the following things:

– Stating something they already know and thus belittling them

– Demeaning work they have done during “less critical” times

– Hoping that vague words are a motivational tool for your people….they aren’t

Without further ado, watch and enjoy!

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