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I had the pleasure of chatting with Aimee Davison (pictured above) of One Hundred Jobs and Fashion Ambush today. So much of the conversation around social media/new PR/marketing 2.0 takes place between industry “experts” so the idea here was to profile someone from outside the industry who “gets it”. Aimee surely does. Click on the above links and go check out what this lovely and very dynamic lady is up to – we can all learn from her.

Our conversation can be heard here

You may also wish to check out this very hilarious video of Aimee in a unitard:

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  • Hi Jackson!

    I forgot to mention during our conversation that social media has also helped me to find a few of my 100 Jobs: The employer for the Superhero Cosplay Photoshoot found me via YouTube (after watching the famous unitard video) and found me because of a Tweet by

    Another thing: businesses using Twitter can find out what customers are saying about them, by using the search function, or by sending out open ended questions via Tweets. Twitter is continuous customer feedback, which can help your company improve and potentially increase your sales. Social media is not just about self-broadcasting, it is equally community feedback and community involvement.

  • Well said Aimee. I think one of the aspects of social media that gets less attention, at least in my biz, is the use of these tools for job seekers. Interesting to her how it has paid dividends for you. Thanks!

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