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Can Twitter stop the rain?

Can Twitter stop the rain?

Queen Lizze is visiting my country right now.

I cannot believe Canada still reveres a ridiculous institution that serves only to remind us that we were once a colonial outpost.

Rather insane.

Funnier is the British Monarchy’s Twitter account. The account has over 46 000 followers but follows 0 people/places/things. Yes, O.

I guess this is the prerogative of people who get paid to do nothing except attend charity functions and engage in bizarre throwback pursuits like fox-hunting in red, pimp-style coats.

I’d love to see some tweets about the following from the Royals:

1. Harry’s latest bender.

2. Twitpics of Price Phil’s latest conquest (I hear the old fellow can still bring in a hottie)

3. What Lizzie thinks about the two above items.

4. How much the Queen hates that damn fail whale

5. Whether the always-waiting Charles actually still hopes to be king one day.

Alas, these tweets are about as likely to happen as bin Laden renouncing Mohammed and setting up a chain of titty bars in Pakistan’s NW Frontier Province.

I do, however, have 3 suggestions re people the Royals could start following and reasons why:

1. Pope Benedict. Though the Brits and the Catholics had a fairly serious fight because King Henry VIII needed to sleep with new women regularly, the Royals and the Pope share a common mastery of public relations and love of stonewalling critics when the going gets rough. Twitter is a great forum for sharing tip-ish content, even if most of what’s out there in the Twitterverse is full of crap.

2. Robert Scoble. There is nothing as painful as following this over-tweeter extraordinaire. I am amazed someone has not kicked this guy off Twitter. The Royals could learn a lot about frequency of tweets from having their stream “Scobleized.” This guy tweets anything in his head and there is clearly something wrong with him.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo. This fellow follows 9 people and has over 195 000 followers. Like the Royals, he is babystepping his way towards following more people. Maybe he could teach them about how one goes about selecting followers when king of the world.

Twitter is taking the world by storm. The Royals need to up their pathetic game!

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  • Danny says:

    Believe me, I think the whole monarchy thing is ridiculous. I guess the only good point is that you can easily spot the idiots. They are wearing fancy hats.

    I means seriously. Fancy hats. What is this? A garden party? Summer wedding?

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