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Writing is really hard. It is one of those things that lots of people claim to be good at but aren’t. Mechanics, style, flow and the inability to express thoughts succinctly are the usual suspects when it comes to crappy prose.

Even if you are OK at putting words together, trying to do it regularly is REALLY REALLY hard. Invariably when you try to write each day sometimes you think your work is shit (I feel this way about the post I wrote yesterday). Soldiering on is the only way to overcome and reap the immense benefits of producing written content on a regular/quotidian basis.

What is the biggest challenge one confronts in trying to write each day or regularly? The desire to be original. Very little in our world is. Michael Jackson’s music, videos and dance were original. Hemingway’s use of the style of one form in another was. The way Salinger wrote dialogue for Holden Caulfield was. The way Bobby Orr played hockey was. While it is possible to be original absent supreme ability it is certainly harder. Hence so little of what is produced daily is.

If writing is part of your job and you have to do it regularly (even if less than every day), the need to write something unlike anyone ever has is a lethal source of paralysis. Be mindful of it. Fortunately, most of us develop our own style and way of delivering words on pages which can make ideas readers have seen a million times before sound new, fun and interesting. The self help publishing industry is built on this premise.

When the “Dragon of Orginality” rears its fire breathing head take solace in the fact that your style of communicating is likely to be the saviour from redundancy, not the ideas in your head.

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