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The race is on, and here come the dumbasses.

I used to work in politics. Actually had the pleasure of doing so in a party War Room on 2004 and 2006 campaigns.

Twitter wasn’t around in 2004 and in 006 few knew what the hell it was. It’ll play a bigger role in this campaign.

Here are a few tweets you may see from the Commandante en Jefes of the Canadian Federal Parties before May 2:

Prime Minister Stephen ‘don’t call me Steve’ Harper – Conservative:

– When will Canadians see past my helmet hair and gv me that majority??

– Quebec…WTF IS WITH YOU??????????

– I really hope our Afghan detainees behave until May 2

– Is Layton named ‘Jack’ because he behaves like a ‘Jack in the box’ in front of any camera?

Michael Ignatieff – Liberal:

– It is late March and still f-ing freezing. I wanna go back to Harvard!

– If I am the smartest, why can I never win? Canadians are so dumb.

Jack Layton – NDP:

– Got a feelin the Proletarian Revolution I’ve been advocating is actually turning…against me!

– I am proposing spending like a drunken sailor. No idea why more peeps can’t get with that.

– Socialismo o muerto! Viva la revolucion!

Elizabeth May – Green Party:

– Gawd damn, for a 75 year old man that David Suzuki sure is hawt!!!!!!

– Yippeeee!!!! We got our first ever corporate donation this campaign. Oh wait, shit, the Sierra Club is a non-profit.

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