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what facebook graph search means to your biz

Over the last few month’s we might say there been much ado about Graph Search.

Not familiar with it? Fear not, for Facebook’s Graph Search  can help you reach more targeted audiences for your offerings.

Succinctly stated, the beauty of Graph Search is that it  allows a user to find a list of all of their friends who are connected to a specific company, product or place.

The Graph Search algorithm delivers results based on relevancy and relationship rather than keywords. In fact, the algorithm finds information from within a user’s network of friends.

What Facebook Graph Search means for your business

Graph search means that it is time to get really social. Relevancy matter immesenly

Relevancy is central to Graph Search

The tool rewards relevancy by returning results that are based partly on a user’s level of connection to or level of engagement with specific brands, products, services, etc

For instance if you search for restaurants in Toronto, your results will be stacked based on:

  • Restaurants in Toronto that have the most likes.
  • Restaurants in Toronto you have liked.
  • Restaurant pages you have engaged with, for example, commented on a post on their page.
  • Restaurants in areas near your location.
  • Restaurants that your friends or friends-of-friends have liked.

Graph Search offers targeted advertising for your business

The Graph Search tool is a treasure trove for targeted Facebook ads, especially ads for local businesses. The algorithm is still in the testing phase and may change over the next few months. However, to achieve more targeted advertising for your business, on your Facebook company pages:

  • Provide more relevant content to reach your prospects.
  • Improve engagement by posting images or videos and questions to raise curiosity and drive interaction.
  • Increase Likes by adding content and contests.
  • Claim your local audience and encourage them to check in.
  • If you are a national brand, create local pages in order to show up in the search for “…near me.”

If you are using Facebook to build your business, graph search is going to have a major impact on your activities.

Get ready and good luck!


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