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Sophia the Robot

Given our desire to survive the tumultuous period when humans are enslaved by robot overlords, we eagerly took on the job of building and bolstering Sophia the Robot’s social media presence for Hanson Robotics. Given the results, we should avoid hard labour in the salt mines for at least a few months.


We hate the term “disruptive technology” as much as Kim Jong Il hated the phrase “We’re out of Hennessey.” (Though since he was the company’s biggest customer, he probably didn’t hear these words as often as we hear jackasses talk disruption). Sometimes, however, tech is game changing and merits the moniker. WAZER’s desktop waterjet fits the bill. We were honored to handle the PR for their million plus dollar Kickstarter effort.


Like the words of Uncle Ho, this uprising spread far and wide, in the process generating hundreds of media hits around the globe that helped our client raise $2.5 million USD on Kickstarter – the largest amount ever amassed by a Soviet Canuckistani company on that platform.


PowerUp is one of the hottest consumer drone companies today. We worked with them to help build their brand post Kickstarter and launch their retail sales.


Current and Past Clients


We’re pleased to report that our Politburo skews younger and more female than the Politburos of old. You won’t find senile old men with keys to massive nuclear arsenals here.


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