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We’d never tell someone to choose PR as a career. It’s the vocational equivalent of life in a tinpot dictatorship. “Stressful” doesn’t begin to capture it. Maybe that’s why we were able to crush it for stress relieving massage gun maker SKG, and help them build their overseas business.


Remember the abrasive, human ponytail Tony Little? When we end up in Hell there will be a room with his 90s fitness infomercials on repeat. Alas, since then the fitness industry’s marketing has remained dodgy, over the top and annoying. It was thus a great privilege to work with Xiaomi family brand, Urevo, who were none of these things.


Modern humans type a lot. These same modern humans are also really into personalization – a bougie reality that would surely annoy the architects of the Red Terror. These two facts have helped us execute killer campaigns over an ongoing 2 year mandate for custom keyboard maker Keychron. Unlike the Red Terror no one has actually died (yet).


East Bloc made consumer goods were basically one size fits all. ‘Shabby’ doesn’t begin to capture the UX. Because we’re happy about both the demise of communism and the growing trend of personalization, we were excited when MIT affiliated skincare startup, Atolla, asked us to guide them through two launches for their customized skincare serums.


None of the partners at Proper Propaganda own a cat. A few people on staff do, but cats have been less present in the lives of our Dear Leaders. However, we can fucken rock cat tech like nobody’s biz it seems. From smart cat shitboxes, to cat toys, to MarsCat it seems we have feline elements to our firm’s soul.

Sophia the Robot

Given our desire to survive the tumultuous period when humans are enslaved by robot overlords, we eagerly took on the job of building and bolstering Sophia the Robot’s social media presence for Hanson Robotics. Given the results, we should avoid hard labour in the salt mines for at least a few months.


Lenin loved cats. However in a bit of commie idiocy he refused to name his, claiming the naming of pets was a bourgeois activity. We like cats and tech (and naming animals too). Maybe this is why, with our help, Footloose became the most funded pet product in Kickstarter history, raising $1.3 million.


We love aviation and the way airplanes bridge divides. Perhaps that’s why we were a natural fit for PowerUp, who make a series of paper airplane drones. Thanks to our efforts these drones have spread to more places than Soviet made MiG-29s. 


Current and Past Clients


We’re pleased to report that our Politburo skews younger and more female than the Politburos of old. You won’t find senile old men with keys to massive nuclear arsenals here.


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