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14 social media tips for real estate agents

Social media for the real estate industry is here to stay. Yesterday, we wrote on Pinterest for real estate agents. Today we’ll examine some other media that can boost web traffic and sales.

Done right, social media can be a powerful medium to communicate information about properties. An infographic from Mashable shows that 73 per cent of homeowners would be more likely to hand their listing over to an agent willing to create video of it – this figure is not going to decline.

If you are a real estate agent and interested in some quick tips to make your presence felt in today’s increasingly digital marketplace, then you may be interested in these 14 social media tips for real estate agents:


To effectively use this medium, real estate agents should:

  • Include in-depth video tours of the available properties. Also include video tours of the neighbourhood. This is a great way to show a potential buyer some local attractions and hotspots that make it an appealing place to live. Make sure you use voiceover in the videos
  • Create videos of yourself addressing common industry problems to position yourself as an expert in your domain.
  • Tag videos with high traffic keywords so that they show up in search results.


A Facebook page can help you promote your properties and grow your business at the same time. Here are some steps that you can follow to promote yourself on Facebook:

  • Share your listings using photos, videos, and information about the properties and their neighbourhood. Remember to add links to your web site for more information about these properties.
  • Use the event feature of Facebook to create events for all of your open houses. You can even send invitations to people who you think might be interested in your open house.


Twitter provides real estate agents the opportunity to engage locally, nationally and internationally, and promote properties to a broader audience. When using Twitter:

  • Add hashtag to your tweets so they show up in search performed by others, for example, if you wish to showcase a property in Toronto, use the hashtags, #toronto #realestate.
  • Make sure to spend time listening to what other people in your community and niche are talking about and re-tweeting. This will guide your own communication and fit in neatly in the conversations.


Blogging is one of the best ways to provide Internet users with information-rich, engaging content. A blog on real estate will provide you the opportunity to develop content about your niche and develop a proof point for potential prospects. Some topics you can use for your blog are:

  • Provide insight on ways that buyers and sellers can improve their real estate experience.
  • Describe your real estate listings in detail.
  • Provide further details about the different neighborhoods that you serve with your real estate firm.
  • Discuss market trends, Trulia & Zillow

Real estate agents and homeowners/sellers frequent these sites for the latest listings and the best pictures of properties. Each of these sites offers the opportunity to build your profile with additional information and links.

  • Make sure that you have a presence on these sites.
  • Ensure all information is current and up to date and linked to all of your other profiles on the web.
  • Encourage your buyers and sellers to write references for you on these websites. ( drives more traffic of the two)

Good luck!


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