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5 ways real estate agents can use Pinterest

Pinterest is a great online marketing tool for real estate agents. The image sharing service is perfect for a realm like real estate where visual content is the centrepiece of selling online.

As a social media platform, Pinterest lets you manage, arrange and share all the things that interest you on the web (it is also oddly similar to bacon). It is a great tool to find, save and share beautiful pictures of homes that people want to buy. Interaction between Pinterest users centres around ‘pins’. When one photo is pinned, other users can ‘like’ the photo or ‘repin’ it to their own board. Popular photos go viral, getting pinned thousands of times, maintaining the source link the entire time.

Studies show that more than a fifth of all Pinterest users connect with their personal Facebook profile. Moreover, Pinterest referral traffic tops the number of YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google+ referral traffic combined.

Homes and home related items are among the most popular “pins”. Real estate agents can pin photos of beautiful exteriors, decorating ideas or intricate built-ins on their Pinterest virtual board. This creates a pretty unique opportunity for them to use the medium as part of their online real estate marketing toolkit.

Here are 5 ways real estate agents can use Pinterest

1) Showcase homes you are selling

The medium offers an effective way to showcase your top property listings. When you pin quality pictures of your listings on Pinterest, be sure to include the link to your real estate website (link only if you have copyright to these pictures to avoid legal issues). Pinning these pictures also gives you the opportunity to showcase the style and landscaping available in the area. Sort pictures into specific boards such as ‘beautiful porches,’ ‘rustic homes,’ and ‘modern homes’ to reach specific audiences who are more likely to follow a board that consistently pins things they love, rather than everything under the sun.

2) Arrange online real estate property tours

Pinterest allows you to be an online tour guide of your listings and their surrounding areas. Show off what there is to do in the neighbourhood. Pin photos of events in the neighbourhood. Give people a reason to want to buy in your area and show that you know the ins and outs of your city.

3) Provide ideas for interiors

If you have great pictures of staged homes you are selling, you should pin those pictures and give recommendations on how to stage homes in a way that increases the likelihood they will sell.

4) Offer value-added information

You can also offer value-added information like moving-day tips for buyers and sellers, legalities of purchasing a home, and how to best prepare a family for the move. A small bit of useful help shows your clients you care and will give you an edge over other real estate agents.

5) Give your Pinterest account a personal touch

You can provide backgrounds and thank yous to previous clients to give a personal touch to your account. You might also want to create a Board dedicated to your agency and team.

Happy Pinning!

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