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I have no kids. I’d like to change that, but it’s a process.

No doubt, any kid(s) I might have will be tethered to electronic devices even more than I. Kinda scary.

I’m pretty sure the child will view  my gen as dinosaurs (or at least CroMagnons). At a minimum they’ll be bemused by my sentimentality for kitschy days gone by.

Here are 7 things my unborn child will wonder about my version of the “Digital Age”:

  1. What is an “attention span” and how come Dad keeps saying it went the way of the Dodo bird?
  2. Were they that fucken excited? Why did they put exclamation marks after every sentence they wrote anywhere!
  3. How come, in Dad’s era, every nerd wanted to dress down and run a tech startup?
  4. It sounds as though they were quite sure that Steve Jobs was the reincarnation of a bunch of deities
  5. How could anyone have thought Twitter was good for anything besides reporting on the overthrow of despots?
  6. Who were these Kardashian people, and why were they all over the internet?
  7. Why were they so amazed by the volume of free porn on the web?

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  • Krista says:

    How I have missed your list posts, Jackson! I also share your fear of how future generations will laugh at us with our Smartphones and tablets because I’m sure there will be something way more cool in the future. It’s already starting because I had a recent discussion about how children are not learning to write in cursive anymore in schools (or at least in New Jersey schools).

    I only hope that the future generation doesn’t lose sight of real connections with people and the social skills that only playgrounds and board games can foster.

  • Jackson says:

    Thanks K! Less blogging these days due to more client work. Fun and good but I miss writing

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