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Using Facebook to generate leads

What’s a lead? Online people become leads when they download an ebook, complete an online survey, request a demo, or via a number of other actions. You probably knew that.

You may be less aware that Facebook can be an effective channel to generate leads.

Here are 3 easy ways to capture leads via Facebook:


  • Use calls-to-action in your cover photo

Facebook page allows users to use calls-to-action on, or in the caption of cover photos. Marketers can add a compelling copy within the cover photo itself and then offer a link within the caption. TheĀ 

  • Host a Facebook chat

Like other social media chats, Facebook chat is a virtual gathering of Facebook users to discuss a common topic. Marketers can use the Facebook chat feature to engage with fans on a selected conversation topic.

A Facebook chat is hosted directly within a post on your company page. The lead generation opportunity takes center stage when you share a landing page resource in the chat. For instance, when a user posts a question, you can answer it with a link to a blog article or other resource that you have on your website.

  • Create Facebook events for webinars

A Facebook event is more visible than a standard post. If you plan to host a webinar, you can capture leads from Facebook by creating a Facebook Event with a separate registration page on your website. You can add dedicated offerings such as checklists, ebooks or coupons, to the event page.

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