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How to nurture leads with your blog

Blog content makes excellent social media fodder and is easily discoverable by search engines. This is why blogging plays a critical role in generating leads.

What you don’t often hear from inbound marketers is that there’s more to it.

Blogging can – and should – be part of the lead nurturing process as well. Getting to the sale is about more than just email and workflows.

Below are 5 ways to nurture leads with your business blog.


1.       Implement smart call-to-actions (CTAs) to drive ’em down the pipeline.

Smart CTAs are dynamic. They enable you to display different CTAs to different visitors based on data. For example, smart CTAs can be customized based upon where a visitor is in the sales process. Placing smart CTAs at the bottom of posts and in the sidebar of your blog is a great way to get people who’ve kinda drunk your KoolAid further down the funnel. Use them!

2.       Source blog topics from your sales team

Since your sales team is interacting with leads every day, they have content ideas based on  challenges and pains your leads face. Interact with your sales team and create a sharable document where they can share their blog content ideas on regular basis.

3.       Share content with your sales team

Taking the above point forward, you may already have great blog content that can be used in the sales process. Make your sales team aware of this content so they can use it to close leads. They may simply not have the time to read every post your marketing group churns out.  How you share the content – whether via informal emails, Google Drive, a company newsletter, etc – is less important than the fact that the sales people are well armed with content that closes the deal.

4.        Email blog posts to segments of unengaged leads

Instead of waiting for your sales team to share blog content with leads, you can email blog content to your existing database. Got unengaged leads who’ve been dormant for awhile? Send ’em low-commitment blog content to renew interest.

5.        Add blog content to workflows

Note that all content you use to nurture leads via email does not have to require form submission. You should incorporate blog content to your lead nurturing workflows. If  a lead has taken advantage of an ebook offer, you can send a follow up email that includes some of your top blog posts on same subject.

Good luck.

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