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Rumor has it the Bunny is out. It should be raining chocolate eggs pretty soon.

But, if you’re in PR, it ain’t just about eating delicious, calorie-laden goodness. Pros can learn a lot from the “Big Eared One.”

Here’s a few of the things the Bunny can teach us:

1) Be quick (like a bunny): PR has always been a fast paced game. Be slow getting back to a reporter and you lose out on coverage. The advent of real-time tools like Twitter has cemented the imperative to move fast. Take a lesson!

2) Offer your constituents something a little different: The Easter Bunny fundamentally gets this. Eggs, you see, are not usually made of chocolate nor are they typically delivered via a bunny. By putting a twist on conventional news items/pitches PR pros are more likely to get coverage. This doesn’t mean lying/spinning etc (the Bunny don’t spin). But, figure out how you can package things a little differently and you’ll achieve your end goal.

3) Bring it sweet so that they want it: The Easter Bunny brings us delectable treats that we want. In this regard, the “Big Eared One” gets how needs and offerings have to match up to achieve success. When you pitch a reporter make sure you do this too. In PR terms, this means researching someone’s beat and offering up a story pitch that fits with it.

4) Grow big ears: The Bunny has giant ones. Yours have to be large too. Social media has made listening more critical than ever. Those who don’t listen respond badly to constituents needs, which means they quickly lose friends and money.

Happy Easter!

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