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trends that must die

The title of this post is pretty self explanatory so I won’t waste time on some flowery introduction.

Here are 5 annoying trends that need to die – and quick!

  1. Apple worship. I love Apple products. You probably do, too. But let’s face it, if the company were a person you might not want to invite it over for dinner or help it move a couch. Lest we forget, Apple’s corporate culture was forged by a guy who was equal parts genius and prick.
  2. Proclamations of “death”. Try to guess which one of the following is true:  The web browser is dead. Print media is dead. Radio is dead. My grandmother is dead. Did you get it right?
  3. Disrespect for old media. I read fewer blogs than ever before – especially blogs about PR and social media. It boils down to two things. One, I think many of them sound the same. Two, the people who write them have this annoying disdain for traditional media. The New York Times, the CBC, the BBC, etc, are bastions of real journalism and have primary reporting built into their DNA. We need these institutions much more than we need the zillions of crappy blogs out there that just happen to get mad page views.
  4. The deification of bacon. Advocates of salted pig tend to have a deep love for it. But for God’s sake can we stop exalting bacon to hipster heaven?!? Besides, eating it with any sort of frequency will cause your ass to inflate to the size of a hot air balloon.
  5. Exclamation points everywhere. The fact that you’ve received the expense report for my latest business trip to Cedar Rapids does not require an exclamation point! I’m also so very pleased we had a great middle management meeting, but does it really require three exclamation points!!! This most abused form of punctuation needs a break in the form of a return to sanity. How effing perky do we need to be?

You must have thoughts to add. Can you do so in the comments, please?


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