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My team just finished hiring summer interns.

The internshhip program has been amazing for us. Several interns have become full-time staff and it’s been a great way for Coordinator-level people to learn about management. 

If you’re a recent grad or someone who’s been lucky enough to land an internship in a PR shop this summer, here are 5 words to live by:

  1. Listen. You don’t know everything (or even much) about PR, since it is a craft best learned by doing. Listen way more than you talk. You’ll get more from your internship experience.
  2. Ask. Ask lots of questions. No reasonable human expects an intern to know a tonne. A few things I’d want to know: What do the managers read to stay up on this ever-changing industry? What do pros do to keep basic PR skills, like writing, sharp? How does an organization manage social media when multiple departments are involved? What techniques work when pitching reporters? And loads more.
  3. Show up. You gotta come to play each day. You wanna go enjoy drinks in the summer sun? Totally fine with me. Just make sure that when you show up for work the next day you actually do some. I don’t give a damn that “it was a big one last night.”
  4. Dress. It has to be appropriate and fit the setting. I know, you’re young and hot, but I assume you want to be known as more. Labels like “capable” or “competent” are nice too. This is an office, not a night club.
  5. Humility. There’s nothing more annoying than an egotistical newbie. A quiet confidence is fine, but please be humble. You WILL be right sometimes, but you’ll CERTAINLY be wrong a lot too (especially at the start of your internship/career).

Hope this helps. And hope you have a great internship this summer. Good luck!

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