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6 easy things you can do to improve your business blog

Content is the key driver to any business blog. However, apart from adding high quality blog content regularly, there are things you can do to improve your blogging efforts.

Here are 6 (easy) things you can do to make your improve your business blog:

1.     Invite guest bloggers

Instead of writing content yourself, invite guest bloggers to post content on your business blog. For instance, if your blog is about online marketing, you can solicit content from social media experts to share their tips and experiences. By inviting industry experts to write for your blog, you can feed your site with content and also gain from the blogger’s reputation. In all probability, the expert will promote the post of their social network, which will introduce your blog to a wider audience.

2.     Optimize all post titles

As you publish new posts, the old posts get buried. However, these posts are indexed in the SERPS and can still drive traffic if you optimize the titles for SEO and not clicks. Revisit these posts, and if you have used catchy headlines, make them more SEO friendly.

3.     Optimize your CTAs

As mentioned above, it’s a good practice to add CTAs to your blog posts. Spend some time optimizing CTAs to drive traffic and leads. To improve your conversion rates, conduct A/B testing of the CTAs to see which variations of copy, colour, layout, and placement lead to the most conversions.

4.     Update content of your old posts

Check your blog analytics or the social shares of posts that have generated the maximum traffic in the past. Could any of these posts do with an update? Give them a quick make over and re-introduce them to your audience. You can also blog on a related topic and embed a link to the old post in it.

5.     Conduct a topic analysis

While checking your analytics, you can also determine which topics resonate most with your audience. To conduct a topic analysis, export your analytics into a spreadsheet and then sort the posts into separate topic categories. Next, sort by inbound links and number of post views to see which topics are the most popular.

6.     Leverage social media

Add social sharing and social follow buttons to your blog to expand the reach your content. You don’t have to target all networks – choose ones that match best with your offerings. For instance, for professional services, LinkedIn works best. For real estate, Pinterest can be huge.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel – get the most of out of the content you have already created by repackaging slightly and broadcasting across different channels and networks.

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