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5 critical elements of home pages


When readers arrive at your website, they should instantly understand what your business is about. Home pages tend to get the majority of traffic and if yours lacks the basics, you will lose out on business.

Here are 5 critical elements of Home pages:

1. Benefits

Your content should have the right sales pitch – instead of focusing on who you are, inform the readers what they stand to gain from associating with you. Create compelling content that adds value for your readers and is also optimized for search engine rankings.

2. Images

Generally, the images should represent what you do (there are exceptions that are more brand specific, such as ours) For instance, if you are selling wedding cakes, add a few wedding centric images on your home page. Also, add relevant captions and Alt tag text to optimize the images for search engines.

3. Navigation

To decrease bounce rate and help visitors find a clear path to navigate from the home page, provide clearly marked navigation buttons and nav bar. The text of the buttons should correspond to the content on your site, for instance, you can have navigation buttons for shipping or FAQs.

Also, click on these navigation buttons on regular basis to ensure the links are working. You can also use Google Webmaster Tools to identify any 404 errors.

4. Offers

To generate more qualified leads and encourage customer loyalty, ensure your homepage has offers relevant to your target buyer personas on it. Offers should be given good real estate – typically above the fold.

5. Social media links

Help visitors to share information and remain updated by providing widgets and links to your social network accounts as social media is a great channel to generate qualified leads.

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