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You’ve heard lots about this social media stuff and how it’s easy, amazing and free.

However, even after you hired an expert and spent gazillions, you’re getting nowhere.

Here are 6 reasons your social media program sucks:

  1. Sales of crack rock are best promoted on the corner, not via Twitter.
  2. Spending six hours a day on Friendster is no longer a wise move. IT’S TIME TO MOVE ON!
  3. You work for a church and tweet porn.
  4. The last time you posted on your company blog that fat, naked, gay dude had just won Survivor.
  5. You listened to¬†Joe Jaffe’s advice on Second Life (without realizing that you were listening to him circa 2006).
  6. You hired Jane Goodall to oversee the location based component of your program. She knows about GORILLAS not GOWALLA dumbass!

Happy Tuesday!

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