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La Lohan is in the slammer. Such is life for the young, hot and messy.

Here are 8 thoughts she might have shared were it possible to tweet from a jail cell.

1 – The moonshine here is some strong. Thank God they took that monitor off me!

2 – I am discovering that compared to the chicks in here @SamanthaRonson is hot.

3 – Thanks to correctional authorities for keeping my jackass Dad away from me.

4 – Can’t wait for the bender that’s going down when I get outta here

5 – It’s sad…even in here they say I can’t act.

6 – The food in here is better than that overpriced crap at Mr. Chow.

7 – WTF! The shopping sucks ass in here

8 – Realizing that orange is DEF a hawt color on me 🙂

Have a great day!

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