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You hear the word “rockstar” a lot today.

It is used far too frequently in the PR/marketing world.

Todd Defren wants to hire rockstars. Mitch Joel is one (or at least wants you to know someone has called him one).

I get why Defren uses this word in ads designed to attract talent. I get why Joel uses it too (though in his case it leaves a more sour taste in my mouth).

I am not a rockstar and will never call myself one.

There’s something so profoundly un-humble about the word. It has connotations of grandeur, excess, and the implication that one has “fuck-you” status.

In the Internet age, perhaps more than ever, we need to promote ourselves, get hired, get noticed, etc. But can these things not be achieved without hyperbole and excessive language that makes us sound like self-aggrandizing jackasses.

Think about it:

When you met your wife or husband did you tell them that you were “a rockstar” (or that someone had called you one) in the first 10 minutes?

Would you say these words to a prospective client?

Can we please put this damn term to bed???

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