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Last week, I wrote a list post on 8 things social media can’t do.

In order to provide yin to the yang, here are 8 things social media can do:

  1. Make a snake internet famous
  2. Provide firms with new platforms to broadcast their crap at people
  3. Take our already meagre attention spans and reduce them to levels on par with the cast of Jersey Shore.
  4. Get people out of Mommy’s basement, by making them social media experts
  5. Provide Kirstie Allie with something to pass the time between binge eating/dieting sessions
  6. Get you a load of “friends” – none of whom will help you move a couch when you really need to
  7. Give the PR biz a new lease on life
  8. Provide every Tom, Dick, Harry (and Jackson) with a free platform to publish their nonsense.

You have more thoughts? Add ’em below.

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