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The archers in Henry V‘s Army at the Battle of Agincourt were a lethal group. They destroyed the numerically superior French Army with their longbows. The English had mastered this weapon and believed in its power. However, had they been armed with crossbows, or the tried outdo the French with mounted knights, the outcome at Agincourt might have been different.

The point here is that the choice of weapons matters. Ideally, you pick something that you know about, have talent at, and believe in.

Lots of people have been asking me about blogging lately. They wanna start. They have heard about the power of blogs for business, etc. Then they tell me they just don’t know what they’d write about.

My response has always been the same: “Why write?”

So few people are good at it. And, in this era, you can just as easily use video or audio.

It seems as though too many people still think blogging has to be text. In Henry V’s time, people thought wars had to involve whacks of heavily mounted knights – but they didn’t. Success involves picking a weapon you are good at wielding and whose power and application you understand and believe in.

If you’re thinking about starting a blog for your organization, please take time to consider the medium you use to deliver the content. It need not always be what the “default option” is.

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