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Robie House, living room (maybe the coolest room I have ever been in)

Frank Lloyd Wright was such a genius, such a revolutionary, that he didn’t really pay much attention to his clients’ wants. Projects were about doing what Frank Lloyd Wright wanted to do.

This solipsistic streak may explain why stability proved elusive for him and why he was such a disaster of a human being.

He was Frank Lloyd Wright. I am not. Neither are you.

Not saying you or I don’t have talent, just that mega-genius is pretty rare. If you’re one, stop reading now and go do whatever you please (à la Lloyd Wright).

If you aren’t one – which is probably the case – don’t worry, your business doesn’t need to cater to everyone’s wants. Doing so is a sure-fire way to fail.

You probably already know who loves you the most. There are probably more like them. Focus on delighting those who love you the most and stop worrying about the other 90% of the world that doesn’t care about you. If you succeed with your biggest advocates – that tiny slice of the world – the rest handles itself.

You can’t behave like Frank Lloyd Wright. But almost.

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