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In the era of blogger relations, PR firms have begun specializing in particular verticals.

The logic – sound in my view – is that because building relationships with bloggers is a LONG process it is best to focus on a limited set of industries, build strong relations with media in them, and kick ass.

Tough to argue with, because there are myriad examples of this approach working well for firms. Our love affair with specialization also helps when marketing a firm’s services.

However, as my incipient firm gets going, I’ve taken clients in diverse verticals, some of which are relatively new to me. Clearly the imperative to keep feeding, clothing and sheltering my family looms large and perhaps as Proper Propaganda (the company) grows we’ll narrow the industry focus.

However, the takeaway so far is that PR is PR whether or not you’re selling cars, kids stuff , a politician or healthcare. The rules of engagement are the same, so too the keys to success.

Maybe you shouldn’t necessarily tell yourself “I can’t work in that vertical or industry because I have no experience.” You probably can. Probably well, if you’ve done well with clients in other industries. Don’t let the tyranny of specialization be a hindrance to you expanding your horizons, because too often the value of a narrow focus is overstated by entrenched interests.

Organizations, and the people who work in them, have personalities. Perhaps it is more important to consider THIS variable than an industry or vertical when deciding to work with a prospective client.


Your thoughts?


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