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If you’re a returning visitor to my site, you’ll likely notice some changes.

The redesign reflects a new reality. I am “going out on my own” as they say and will be launching a Communications consultancy called Proper Propaganda.

My goal is simple: help organizations craft stories that get noticed, build community and drive business. The last part is the most important to me.

The site’s redesign reflects a desire to drive my business. That said, the tone of the visual and written language remains the same and I will continue blogging at the same rate (1-3 posts per week).

I’ve been working with the talented and dynamic Amanda Aitken of Better Than Chocolate on the redesign. She’s great and I highly recommend her for your WordPress needs. (BTW – You can check out Amanda’s latest project here.)

Kinda hate doing this but, on this rare occasion, I have asks for you, dear reader:

  • Let me know your thoughts about the site
  • Give me your email address. I will share useful free resources. We’ll eventually be hosting a free weekly teleseminar on aspects of Communications so you can stay updated on those, via email, too.
  • Do me a favour and “Like” the Proper Propaganda Facebook page
That’s a lot of asks. But I’d be grateful to you if you acted on them.

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  • Krista says:

    Congratulations, Jackson! I like that you’re still using WordPress, as I had a recent discussion with a former co-worker looking to break out on his own who is also considering using a blog interface for his website. I’m glad you maintained the vintage propaganda look as well. Best of luck to you in your new venture and I’ll catch you around the social media world 🙂

  • 1. I love that you’ve kept the same look; 2. You already have it; 3. Done.

    And with that… way to go!

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