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As I’ve recently discussed, there are a myriad of misperceptions about PR.

Thankfully, some in our industry are fighting the good fight and trying to educate clients, businesses, etc. on what public relations REALLY is.

One such person is my friend Shonali Burke. She’s a force of nature (I often wonder if she ever sleeps): in addition to client work and speaking gigs, she blogs and runs the #measurepr chat on Twitter .

Shonali is one of the foremost experts on the measurement of PR. She also is a passionate believer in the fact that good PR is about WAY more than media relations. It was great to talk to her about these topics via Skype yesterday. Here’s our chat:


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  • Jackson, it was really great to finally SEE you and talk to you, outside of Twitter & email! Thanks so much for doing this – I had a lot of fun. You’re very kind to say such nice things about me but, as you know, there are several practitioners focusing on measurement who really are experts – I’m lucky to learn from them every day. Thank you for continuing to fight the good fight!

  • Krista says:

    Wow– two of my favorite people on screen together! Jackson and Shonali, thanks for sharing your conversation and insights on the various hot topics in PR. While I enjoy reading your respective blogs, it’s also nice to hear the spoken word as an extension 🙂

  • Great to SEE you too. Always learn something from you. Excited to work w/you on that very interesting project 🙂

  • Too kind 🙂 Hope all is well!

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