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This week some of the world’s biggest PR dummies proved that they were even stupider than initially thought. Thankfully we’ve also seen some noteworthy creativity over the past few days. Yin and yang…

Exhibit A: the Catholic Church. An organization derided for its antiquated views decided to excommunicate a nun who had the gaul to authorize an abortion so that a mother of four would not die. Better to save the newborn then the mother who needs to care for four others. Very modern.

Exhibit B: Canada’s ruling party: A party that came to power on a platform of fiscal responsibility is going to spend a billion – yes billion – dollars on protecting poo bahs at the G20 in Toronto. Nice one. I am glad I was part of a mechanism that helped get these people elected.

There was at least one moment of genius. French farmers – a gang of quasi-socialist, subsidy-loving, entitled jackasses if ever there was – staged an amazing protest on the Champs-Elysees. It would have been a fun day out with the family….


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