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When I was kid, I was into video games.

I’d stare at a TV playing Colleco Vision or at an Apple 2E playing computer games for hours. To get me to stop Mom would say, “stop staring at the screen, you’re gonna get square eyes.”

This frightening imagery usually made me desist. I’d move away from the screen, go outside and do the things that kids engaged in for most of human history.

Now, however, I work in PR. This means I, like you fellow pro, stare at a lot of screens a lot.

It’s ridiculous actually.

I know, everyone does, you’re right. But in our game the screen staring is at freakish levels. We look at computers, TV’s, Kindle’s, iPhones, Flip cams, iPad’s and others too. If Mom had been right we’d be a bunch of square-eyed circus freaks (as opposed to just plain-eyed circus freaks).

One of my fave things to watch is when you get a bunch of PR/marketing types in a scenario where they’re milling about. They end up bumping into one another because everyone is looking at some sort of screen.

Screen staring is necessary in PR but Flakians use it as a diversionary tactic too. They love the latter function.

When things are messed up or they wanna avoid some kind of awkward encounter Flakians pull out a device with a screen, stick a look of steely eyed determination on their faces and stare intently into it.

Others are left going “Oh that person must be workin’ real hard and getting stuff done,” when instead said Flak is looking at the latest on Kim Kardashian’s sex life or Vladimir Putin shirtless atop a steed.

Talk about a ruse.

Anyway, screens have forever changed PR and our ability to look busy and productive.

Young’un: When in doubt grab yo’self a screen and look hard into it. It’s an awesome career move.

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