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PR folks hate to admit this, but business is often good when things are bad.

In fact, if it weren’t for loudmouth blowhards, dumb politicians, over coked celebs, and other bringers of bad vibes we all be a lot poorer.

And, unlike our fourth estater cousins, PR people LOVE cash.

Thank God for Gordon Brown (and others like him).

Brown’s recent gaffe, where, in a most British fashion, he referred to a bigoted woman as a “bigoted woman” has spread round the Globe.

Whatever one thinks of Brown and/or his gaffe, the storm has one certain outcome for our profession: it reinforces the need for us to exist, and get paid for doing so.

So, on behalf of Flakians everywhere, THANKS GORDO! (and so sorry about that election thingee, but Labour’s had a great run)

And, in advance, thanks to the rest of you screwups who shoot your mouths off.

My kids need to go to college. My girl needs to go enjoy some bomb restos. And, last but not least, I might need me some potato based beverage crafted with love on the Eurasian plain. All this stuff takes moolah and messes.

Have a GREAT weekend!

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