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A number of things distinguish Flakians from their close cousin, Homo Journalisticus.

Undoubtedly one of the biggest revolves around moolah.

Homo Journalisticus usually engages in some kind of unpaid internship prior to actually entering the profession (note – in some cultures unpaid internships are also called “indentured servitude” or “slavery”). After this rite of passage, the news gathering creature takes a monk-like vow of poverty and becomes a full patch member of the fourth estate. This vow, the harried pace of the news game, and the fact that news is a biz in crisis tends to produce similar behaviours in Homo Journalisticus (the penchant for drink is one).

Conversely, Flakians get into their game to GET CASH. They like it very much – a fact readily evidenced by the obscene fees they charge (often for dubious services).

Here’s the irony: Many Flakians either thought about being journalists, or tried their hand at the craft at some point. The decision to run screaming out of a newsroom or avoid it altogether invariably involved calculations of cash.

Note – Homo Journalisticus – overworked, underpaid, over-boozed – really HATES the fact that Flakians tend to make considerably more dough for far less noble work. Be mindful about bringing up the differences in salary when Homo J has been out “blowing off some steam” at a local watering hole. Doing so will subject you to a long-winded, expletive-laden rant.

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