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Let’s first get the fact that I work on this event out of the way.

Regardless, I saw one of the coolest pieces of marketing collateral ever this past weekend (No, I had nothing to do with creating any of it. All credit to my colleagues in the Marketing department)

It tells the story of one of Canada’s most successful athletic fundraisers on dog tags.

Have a look at these pics:

Why are these dog tags so well done?

  • The copy is straight to the point and speaks to IMPACT of funds. KEY!
  • The story is really well crafted in a tiny space/amount of time.
  • Dog tags are usually reserved for fighters – exactly what participants in this event are.
  • On event, the dog tags were easily noticeable and generated a LOT of questions like, “Where did you get those?” You got them if you re-registered for next year (i.e. – they came with a call to action attached).

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