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For the journalists and PRs among you, courtesy of the Evening Standard.

The above clip ran recently in Britain’s Evening Standard.

It seems that our profession shoots itself in the foot at least a once a week. I am almost over being dismayed about this.

Here are 5 not so random thoughts on the above:

  1. My INTERNS (they are between 21-23 years old and fresh faced) read the news, know about what the journalists they target cover and don’t phone reporters near deadline. This is not because of my staff’s revolutionary, better than Tom Peters, management skills. Rather, it is because my managers are sentient beings, whose brains typically function above the level of kindergarten students.
  2. Clearly several seemingly obvious PR lessons (do your homework, don’t call on deadline) are less than obvious to some. I sure hope the next time I go in for brain surgery the surgeon knows the basics of her profession.
  3. I get the sense it would take more than a good umbrella to “stop the Rain”.
  4. Perhaps we should all do a “stop the Rain” dance. Maybe in unison, like North Koreans at the Mass Games.
  5. I really loved the play on words the Evening Standard used in the copy. I wonder, though, in the era of Google and SEO, is it the first time the paper has used a pun in awhile?

What do you think about this episode?

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