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“We’re on to something” is a dangerous phrase.

It is fraught with risk because it necessarily entails trying out the unknown, and usually journeying into uncharted waters.

For instance, when Grand Wizard Theodore and his boys from the Bronx started scratching over records they likely had a “we’re on to something” moment.

Likewise, when the guys from Hilltop Hoods realized that rap sounded great in a native Aussie accent (instead of some US falsetto) they likely said, “we might just be on to something here.”

Closer to PR home, I am sure Todd Defren and his cronies said this when the social media release was incipient.

You have previously surmised that you might be “on to something” at some point.

There are two ways this goes:

1) You take the risk and see whatever it is your on to through till its end.

 2) You get scared and stop.

I think our profession is having its own “on to something” moment right now. Two macro trends are driving this:

1) We’ve realized that we control messages and dialogue less than ever before.

2) We know that we need to understand business fundamentals in addition to those of our craft.

Here’s hoping we continue seeing these things as opportunities worthy of exploiting and not challenges to wilt from.

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