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I recently proposed, designed and helped a client execute a letter writing campaign. That’s right, a snail mail through the post kinda campaign that grandma would recognize.

I did this despite being able to type, knowing that the internet existed, and having wasted hours reading those social media books that all sound the same.

The campaign was aimed at influencing specific decision makers. Without boring you with gory metrics and details, let me say it actually seems to have worked.

Here are 3 things I learned from the experience:

  1. So called “digital natives” (that’s probably YOU, dear reader) tend to underestimate the power of “old fashioned” channels. Grandma – who was only a “native” of where she was born and raised –  knew some still relevant shit.
  2. Everybody talks about the need to hit an audience where they like it. What they don’t say is that though some audiences spend all day on email and/or Facebook, other – older –  channels work for specific purposes at particular times. There is no doubt in my mind a letter, on paper, is digested VERY differently than an email (by most human brains). Maybe communicators need to think more about this.
  3. Good clients, like the one in this example, are not seduced or repulsed by channels. They’re into results, whatever the tool.

You been working on any old skool, throwback stuff of late? How’d it go? (I don’t wanna hear about your ass-kickin’, name takin’, Pinterest campaign right now.)



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