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You know about the type of headline I am referring to above.

I write ’em. You write ’em.

There supposed to be hooky/linkbaity/make you wanna click through to see shit kinda headlines.

They’re REALLY popular these days on the ol interwebs.

But I am getting frikkin tired of them.

Here, to be a part of the problem and not the solution, are 6 things I hate this type of headline:

  1. Though I ain’t no grammar Nazi, it sort of bothers me that everything now beings with a number and not a capital letter.
  2. I used to like puns in my headlines. They’re dying thanks to this new thang.
  3. This type of headline usually means a post is written in list format (like this piece of junk is).
  4. The above mentioned lists are reductive and usually full of bullshit, trite advice.
  5. This type of headline is indicative of the collective decline of attention spans (an orgy in which I am a VERY active participant, sadly).
  6. I thought about writing this post and when it came time to write a headline,  my stupid brain – infected by the interweb devils – could not even come up with an old skool headline.

Have a great day friends!

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